November 18, 1996: Jacksonville, FL

Hey Everybody who is reading this... Hi!

Well, this is the first journal entry from Jacksonville, Florida. What? You didn't realize we were going to be here? Actually, some of you were probably expecting to hear from us from New Zealand. We were expecting that too. But, as the world of computer consulting is kinda crazy (Bad world! BAD BAD!) the project in New Zealand fell through. We were both terribly disappointed, as I'm sure you all are too. When we got the final word that we weren't going it was pretty hard to take. I knew it was coming but it still kind of sunk my stomach. You know that feeling? We had even bought a guide book.

Okay, okay. I gotta get the rolling hills, the grazing sheep, the beautiful water, *sob* out of my mind and get excited about sunny JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA!!!!!! Wanna see the weather?

Russell is starting his 3rd week here and I'm starting my 2nd. I hate working out of a Hotel! For those of you who don't know. My company, Harbinger Corporation is letting me work remotely. It's a bit of a challenge but getting easier.

One really good thing has happened here. We found an excellent Sushi restaurant. The waittress had 12 pens in her hair. That, of course, isn't why it's excellent. The food is extraordinary. Now that I'm thinking about it... maybe we can go there tonight. Anyway, if anyone is planning on visiting Jacksonville, I highly recommend the Sushi restaurant, Yoshi. Finger lickin', raw fish smackin' good!

Back on the homefront, something mysterious is happening. It's the Jacksonville Fish Curse. The fish at home in our tank in Atlanta are dying left and right. I'm positive this is due to their extreme disappointment about our not going to NZ.

Seriously, though, there is a fish crisis. Russ and I have a friend, Jeff, who lives in our building. He has agreed to adopt our fish since we will be in Jacksonville for a number of months. Well, we weren't even gone a week before one croaked. So sad, Jeff put his little body in the kitchen garbage can. I found the little dead decaying thing on Saturday. It was disgusting! (Bad Jeff, BAD! BAD!) Then, when Russ and I called Jeff to ask why the tank was still at our apartment and why there was a dead fish in my kitchen trash can, I found another fish dead. This one floating down at the bottom of the tank. So sad. And so gross. Dead fish are just so gross!

Now, poor Jeff is scared off from fish fatherhood. He doesn't want to take our fish tank until he is sure the dying spree is over. So, lonely they wait in our apartment for their twice weekly feeding. Nobody to talk to them, play with them, give them the latest gossip. Actually, I certainly can't blame Jeff. (For being scared of the Jacksonville Fish Curse, I mean. I can certainly blame him for leaving a dead fish in my trash can!) I wouldn't want cursed fish either!

Well, I think that is about all that is interesting around here (and in Atlanta). I guess I should be taking off. I'm sure the longer we are here, the more fun and interesting things I'll have to report.

Oh, BTW (by the way), Russell has a new guy on his team. He's from Cleveland, OH. Welcome to Jacksonville, Todd. I hope you don't have any fish.