Molokaii Ranch -- Russell

I was in San Mateo California getting some training in IBM's new San Francisco Framework (Java stuff) and barely had time to catch some sleep when we had to be at the 'airport' to catch our Island Hopper (Molokai Air Shuttle) transportation to Molokai. We saw Honolulu in quite a different light from our six seater, twin engine plane. At one point I heard Kristine gasp (no we couldn't sit next to each other because of weight dispersal requirements), when she looked out the window and saw a PARASAILER being pulled along by a power boat.

Upon landing on what appeared to be a small parking lot, we grabbed our bags and were 'whisked' away by the Molokai Ranch representative (Herman) to the ranch on the other side of the Island. Evidently Einstein had visited Molokai before his statement that velocity is relative. High speed transportation here hovered between 25 and 45 miles per hour. In fact, sometimes we would stop in the middle of the road (when one of Herman's stories was REALLY INTENSE.)

K was waiting for us at the main offices (she's just plain awesome and will be referred to as Julie McCoy for the rest of the recounting) where we checked in and picked up our mountain bikes!! The bikes were quite a surprise for us... I was immensely more pleased than Kristine, but she took it in stride. We got to our Tent-a-low (It defies description, hopefully the pictures will come out) and readeied ourselves for a quick ride to the beach!

We biked up to the Paniolo camp (the center of our group of tent-a-lows) and met up with Julie Mcoy, J1, J2, and E... and, of course, our bicycling guru, Bob. From the camp we proceeded down to the beach for about one hour of straight riding (mostly downhill and with only one small mishap, E's chain coming loose.) The scenery was fantastic and we arrived at the almost completely deserted beach where water, fishing poles, snorkels, masks, chairs and surfboards awaited us.

Once again the pictures will have to speak for us. I had never really understood the idea of "deserted beach" before... It was just fabulous!

That night everyone met at the paniolo campsite for supper (rice and something else) The entertainment was two Hawaiian guys playing the guitar and ukelele. I was foolish enough to request that they play 'Yellow Bird' and when they didn't know the words I moseyed on up there and sang the song myself (very poorly I might add). Another gentleman sang some hideous rendition of a song I can't quite place, and the real treat: J2 and E sang Island Style ( and sounded ab fab!!)