There's A Restaurant in St. Augustine...

There's a restaurant in St. Augustine
Where the windows aren't terribly clean
We went in, saw a sign
"Feed The Fish While You Dine"
We'd no clue there'd be a violent scene

We hoped that the fish would be biting
Maybe cod, maybe roe, maybe whiting
We opened the latch
threw the bread, yelled "Catch!"
The gulls started kicking and biting!

One gull went straight for a hand
As another came in to land
The feathers were flying
The birds were dying
We heard TAPS being played by the band

Kristine leapt back with a yell
Katy said "Lord, what's that smell?"
Russell started to grin
Todd then gulped down his gin
And Kevin said "Restaurant from Hell!"

Sadly, my friends, I had so very little to do with writing the above poem, that I am giving full credit to my friend, Katy. Her poem accurately reflects a scene we all witnessed at dinner the night of the Claremont Field Trip. Check out the photos.

I really don't want to say too much about the particular restaurant where this event took place. I found the whole episode quite disturbing and do not believe the satisfaction I would get in slamming them on this page would outweigh the mental torture I would need to put myself through to do it. Therefore, I only make one suggestion. If you ever run across a restaurant that claims you can "Feed The Fish While You Dine", please, move on. I saw a seagull lose an eye over a stale piece of bread. It's just not worth it.