September 18, 1996: Atlanta, GA USA

Hey everybody! Kristine here. Russell left yesterday for his very first project with Claremont Technology Group. It is a three week project in Sacramento, California. He also wrote me his very first email from California (actually, from the plane going to California). So, I thought I would do two things: 1) edit it for sensitive content and make it the very first journal entry for the Sacramento Adventure (while I'm not there physically, I'm there in spirit) and 2) take this opportunity to give a little lesson about email to those of us new to the Internet. What fun! My comments are in red. Ready?

September 17, 1996: in a plane over South Colorado going to Sacramento

Hello gloriously Beautiful one, (I left this in here to help keep the integrity of the document)

I miss you already. <SNIP> personal mushy stuff, you wouldn't be interested... <SNIP> Well, I'm flying over southern Colorado right now and thinking of you. I remember your being so fascinated with the desert when we went to Hawaii. We just passed over a river that was blood-red!! I guess the dirt and the water complement each other.

I was delayed in Atlanta, The <SNIP> Russell's language is sometime a little too colorful for the Web, I'll substitute whenever necessary.<SNIP> darn airport people didn't change the departure time until I was in the plane. I ran with my bags the whole doggone way! Oh well! There was a big thunderstorm in Dallas ( which is why our plane took off late from Atlanta). It was gone by the time I got there. My layover became a quick walk to a gate about 20 gates away, and zoom... I'm off to Sacramento on time.

I've been configuring my computer and reading all the way here. <SNIP> mushy mushy mushy <SNIP>

I realize that you will get this after I speak with you, but now if I leave out any important details you can reference this document ( how consultant-ish of me!)

Actually, he didn't give any more details about his trip after this. Just some more mushy stuff, again, ya'll wouldn't be interested....

ps - Put Trip Update in the subject line of trip related mail to me... I left this line in because I wanted to bring to your attention his mention of subject in an email message. Internet Email Lesson #1: the subject line in your email message should always be used to let the receiver know of the nature of the message. I hate it when people put "Hi" in their subject line. Keep it simple, but appropriate, people... if your email is about geese, don't put watermelon in your subject line!!!! Russell's subject line for this email was Trip Update #1. Very descriptive, short, to the point. Nicely done, honey.


Russell Castagnaro (CSP, JSPS)
(Certifiable Silly Person)

You know Arthur, when evil is afoot and you don't have any arms, you gotta use your head. And when evil is ahead and you're behind you gotta do the legwork. But when you can't get a leg up, you gotta be hip... - The Tick

Okay, now this last gibberish about body parts... that is Russell's email signature. Internet Email Lesson #2: People sometimes choose to give their email buddies little bits of witticism, wisdom, or advice at the end of each email message. This is called a Signature. Russell wisely chooses to quote the Tick, our favorite Saturday Morning Cartoon Super Hero. I also happen to use a Tick quote as my signature. For those of you who are dying to know... "You know, I hate broccoli. Yet, in a certain sense, I am broccoli." - the Tick

Well, this ends journal entry #1 for Sacramento. And Russ hasn't even gotten there yet!