Pro Beach Volleyball - 8/24/97

NOW. I donít want to be starting any rumors here, but I heard the most interesting tidbit this afternoon. Samantha Shaver (a member of the Bud Light Pro Beach Volleyball League, 2nd year as Team Norelcoís captain) , told my husband, Russell (a newly hired member of Team DataHouse Inc. in Honolulu, Hi), that the players in the Bud Light Pro Beach Volleyball League hadnít been paid for the last 5 stops of their tour. I was shocked! Not only by this news, but also by the clippings of hair that were stuck to my husband neck and sticking out of his ears. (Youíll understand later.)

I studied my 1997 League Official Program. According to their schedule, this meant that the players hadnít received any winnings since sometime around mid-July. I found this to be rather disturbing. In about 15 minutes Russell and I were going to watch the Womenís Finals of the Bud Light Pro Beach Volleyball League. Their last stop just happened to be in Honolulu, Hawaii, where Russell and I just happened to move exactly 10 days ago. Timing is everything, my friends. Diane Shoemaker, captain of Team Paul Mitchell was going to play the game with a broken hand. It seemed to me that this was quite a risk. If she further injured her hand, couldnít she jeopardize her career? I donít think I would be willing to jeopardize my career if I wasnít even getting paid!!!

I do have to confess that I have no proof or anything solid really to back this up. I only have a conversation relayed to me by my husband. It seems that the Paul Mitchell sponsors were feeling kinda promotional today and giving "Professional Haircuts" for 10 bucks. Russellís new job starts tomorrow (Timing). My husband knows a good deal when he sees one. He decided to take advantage of this offer. Sitting next to him, getting her hair cut was Samantha Shaver. They got to talking and she revealed what a mess this tour has turned out to be. As I understand it, the person or persons responsible for organizing the event, NOT the sponsors, have plum run out of dough. So, no prize money. According to Samantha, (I can call her that. Sheís seen my husband getting his hair trimmed. Itís an intimate thing.) the players are hopping mad but are continuing the tour because of the strong support from their fans and they donít want to let down their sponsors.

Hooray for the players.

Boo to the people responsible for this tour.

Donít they know, that besides timing, you have to do a little planning?