17 Mile Drive, Moneterey, California

If you ever visit Moneterey, California, absolutely don't miss the scenic 17 Mile Drive that takes you between Moneterey and Carmel. (Really named "Carmel by the Sea". Isn't that charming?) It's 7 bucks to get a driving pass but it's well worth it. Not only do you get to stop at scenic lookouts for beautiful ocean views, you can also gawk at the homes of the super duper wealthy and stroll through Pebble Beach Golf Course, the public parts that is. Russ thinks it's about $250 to golf there, but don't quote him on that.

17 Mile Drive
17 Mile Scenic Drive, Monterey, California
Spring 1997
Russell Playing with Wild Animal
I tell Russell, "Don't play with the wild animals!"
Do you think he listens?
Seal Rock
Seal Rock: All the little brown and black smudges, those are Sea Lions and Seals!
17 Mile Drive
This drive is breathtaking. You really shouldn't miss it!

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