August, 1999 Seoul, S. Korea
Days 5 and 6 and 7
Boy on bike
August, 1999 Seoul, S. Korea
Days 3 and 4
August, 1999 Seoul, S. Korea
Days 1 and 2
June, 1998 Molokai Ranch
Island of Molokai/By Russell
April, 1998 The Belly Button Adventure
Honolulu, HI
October 1, 1997 Later that night...
Los Angeles Airport, L.A.
September 30, 1997 Trapped at 3000 Feet!
Delta Airplane, L1011
August 24, 1997 It's all in the timing - Pro Beach Volleyball
Fort DeRussey Beach, HI
March 18, 1997 Be still my beating heart, I'm in love!
Sunnyvale, CA
March 17, 1997 St. Patrick's Day in Savannah
Savannah, GA /Guest Adventurer: Katie P.
February 1997 The Viking Restaurant
St. Augustine, FL
January 1997 There's a restaurant in St. Augustine
St. Augustine, FL / Guest Adventurer: Katy L.
January 11, 1997 Kennedy Space Center
Cape Canaveral, FL
January 5, 1997 Little Talbot Island State Park
Fort George, FL
December 27, 1996 Graymore Bed & Breakfast
Coldwater, Ontario
December 1996 Daruma Japanese Steak House & Sushi Bar
Jacksonville, FL
November 23, 1996 Ponce de Leon's Fountain of Youth
St. Augustine, FL
November 23, 1996 A1A ALE WORKS
St. Augustine, FL
November 18, 1996 We didn't get New Zealand, but we did get SUSHI!
Jacksonville, FL
September 30, 1996 A little bit about Sacramento
Sacramento, CA
September 17, 1996 Russell is airborne!
Sacramento, CA
April/May 1996 Puffer Fish make me Uncomfortable
Hanauma Bay, HI